Offseason Long Snapping Drills

Football offseason has begun for most. It is that time of year when you ask, how much do I snap, do I take a break?

Well, that’s up to you. If you need a mental break, take it. If you want to snap more then go for it but have FUN doing it.

This is the time of year you don’t have any coaches around so you can do what you want to do.

Two drills I did over and over are the Goal Post Drill and the Distance Snap Drill. But like I said have fun. Make a game of it.

But like I said have fun. Make a game of it.

For example, if you are doing the goal post drill put a piece of tape on the post and try to hit it as many times as you can. Keep track of how many you can hit in a row.

For the distance snap drill, I would put a cone behind me (20+ yards) to if I could snap the ball past it. If I could then I would place the cone where the ball landed. Then next snap I would try to snap it farther than the cone. When I found my max distance for the day I would remember it for my next snapping workout to see if I could beat it.

During the first part of my offseason, I would take a break from snapping and setting (blocking) and would focus on the snapping component.

Each year I would break down my fundamentals and build them back up as the season got closer. Start with your grip. then release and add your blocking footwork back in.

Enjoy your offseason and take a mental break! Longsnapping can be taxing when you are trying to be perfect every snap.



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