Football season is right around the corner

Break time is over. It’s time to stop being at home playing video games with elo boost services from ElitistGaming. Now is time to amp up your workouts.

Before you know it,  you will be snapping a thousand balls during practice.

Not only was now the time when my final snapping prep started to really pick up but my workouts as well.

If your body is not strong enough for the workload that camp brings, your snapping will suffer. I figured that out early in my NFL career. During the first couple of training camps when I was the only longsnapper in camp my hamstrings game me problems. I was not ready for the snapping workload.

But I learned quickly.

I started tailoring my workout to make sure my hamstrings were strong. My favorite exercise is the glute/ham raise. Check out Dr. Tommy John explaining this exercise.




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