The Coldest Bears Games I Played

The Bears are set to take on the Packers this Sunday Dec. 18th and the forecast calls for a high of 1.

This got me thinking about the coldest games that I played.

These are in order of what I “felt” were the coldest.

1. Packers @ Bears  Dec. 23, 2007 16 Degrees Wind Chill -18 Wind 22+ MPH

This game was insanely cold to me because of the wind. It was listed as 22 MPH but it was gusting much higher during the game. By the way we won 35-7

2. Bears @ Vikings Dec. 20, 2010 at University of Minnesota TCF Stadium. 23 Degrees Wind Chill  9 Wind 17+.

Yes, the temperature was a balmy 23 but the high winds and poor sideline heating made this game miserable. The heaters were like having someone with a match trying to blow the heat onto the players. Not to mention the field was frozen solid because TFC Stadium’s field was not heated. Another Bears victory, 40-14 and a clinching of the NFC North title.

3. Texans @ Bears Dec. 19, 2004 12 Degrees Wind Chill -8 Wind 21 MPH

I don’t remember the wind being an issue but I remember this as my first frigid game. We lost 24-5.

4. Falcons @ Bears Dec. 18, 2005 12 Degrees Wind Chill -1 Wind 10 MPH

This is the infamous Michael Vick game. He and the rest of his teammates did not want to play the game.  You could tell as soon as they ran out of the tunnel.   We won 16-3.

5. Packers @Bears Dec. 22, 2008 2 Degrees Wind Chill -13 Wind 9 MPH

This is listed as the coldest game of the 6 but the wind was not that bad. If the wind would have been blowing it would have been much worse on the field. And thanks to Alex Brown for blocking the field goal attempt of Mason Crosby. We won 20-17.

6. Cowboys @ Bears Dec. 9, 2013 8 Degrees Wind Chill -9 Wind 14 MPH

Maybe because I was older and played in a few cold games I list this at 6. Also the wind on the field was minimal.  Officially it was listed at 14 but I do not remember any wind on the field.

One more was brought to my attention after I posted this on Twitter.

7. Patriots @ Bears Dec. 12, 2010 26 Degrees Wind Chill 9 Wind 30 MPH

This game was one of the worst weather games I played. The field was covered in snow and each break in the game the grounds crew had to come out and sweep the yards lines so we could see them. Also, there were mini snow tornados whipping across the field from the wind.  And while standing next to the kicking net it was blown up and into the stands. I have never seen anything like it.  We got out butt’s kicked 36-7.

Stats from Pro Football Reference


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