The Original Longsnappers

I have been working with a few snappers that will be entering the 2017 NFL Draft this offseason.  And when talking to them about some of the former longsnappers I looked up to, I was shocked that they had no idea who they were.

This got me thinking that these guys need to be recognized.

I was drafted into the NFL in 1998 and that was right when the long snapping transition was starting. (Thank god)

At the time, more teams were starting to carry pure longsnappers. At that point, teams still had guys who were tight ends, linebackers or backup O linemen handling snapping duties.

These guys listed below helped make the longsnapping position become what it is today.


Mike Bartrum                 93-06 TE 171 Games Played

David Binn                      94-10 LS 256 Games Played

Blair Bush                       78-94 C  246 Games Played

Rob Davis                       96-07 LS 183 Games Played

Steve DeOssie                84-95 LB 175 Games Played

Kendall Gammon          92-06 OL/TE 234 Games Played

Dale Hellastrae              85-01 OL 205 Games Played

Trey Junkin                    83-02 TE 281 Games Played

Brian Kinchen                88-03 TE 193 Games Played

Randy Kirk                     87-99 LB 157 Games Played

Harper Lebel                 89-89 TE 136 Games Played

Dave Moore                   92-06 TE 220 Games Played

Mike Morris                   87-99 C  188 Games Played

Ed Perry                          97-05 TE 109 Games Played

Mark Rodenhouser       87-99 OL 168 Games Played

Adam Schreiber             84-99 OL 202 Games Played

Dan Turk                         85-99 OL 218 Games Played

Hey, young bucks google these guys and learn their history.

*in the background of the featured image is THE Trey Junkin

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  1. Being from DALLAS, when my son, @gresh49 Clint Gresham went to play for the Seahawks, everyone told me about Dale Hellastrae!! I had never heard of him until then. Now I totally understand the unique skill and consistency it takes! Very Impressive skill set

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