Beginner Membership

Patrick Mannelly - Laces Out




Are you a longsnapper and looking to improve your skills? Get access to valuable content from professional longsnappers. The beginner membership is not just for snappers, anyone who loves football and wants to improve their game will find this membership helpful.

Get access to detailed instruction including images from every angle, slow moving gifs showing exactly how to move during a snap, and images from other longsnappers around the league of their grip.

On the fence? This membership is FREE! There’s no catch, so give it a try!

This membership includes:

  • Instruction on the grip of the ball.
  • Snapping guidance.
  • How to get to the perfect snapping stance.
  • Instructional animations.

Advanced Membership



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Do you have your eye set on a ring? Take your longsnapping skills to the next level NOW. Get immediate access to content from Patrick Mannelly on the art of longsnapping.

Get exclusive access to videos, drills, tips and tricks, and longsnapping secrets. Updated regularly, the advanced membership allows you to continuously improve your stance, stance, and technique.

The Advanced membership includes everything in the beginner and more!

Get access to all this exclusive instruction from Patrick Mannelly for only $100. No subscription fee, no catch, lifetime access.

This membership includes:

  • Instruction on the grip of the ball.
  • How to perfect the snapping stance.
  • Instructional animations.
  • Snapping guidance.


  • Footwork tips to improve mobility.
  • How to improve longsnapping accuracy.
  • How to achieve consistent laces placement.
  • After the snap protection.
  • Patrick’s favorite longsnapping drills.
  • Instruction on field goal blocking.