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✅ Are you always asking somebody to catch your snaps?

✅ Do you get ticked when one of your snaps is not perfect?

✅ Do you want to contribute more to your team?

Then you are someone who wants to be your team’s Longsnapper. Find out all the information here you will need to become the best Longsnapper you can be.

Demand Perfection, Expect Excellence.

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Here you will find everything you need to know to learn how to longsnap.
In the BEGINNER section you will learn the grip and the stance of a longsnap.
If you want to continue your journey with longsnapping check out the ADVANCED section.

The ADVANCED section gives you all the ins and outs of how to longsnap.
In this section I offer all of my knowledge of the longsnap including videos, drills, short snap secrets, etc.

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