Longsnapper Elbow Pain

It’s about that time of year in the football season when my elbow would start flaring up with pain. The pain would be on the inside of my right elbow. I would snap through it and not know how to fix it. Anti-inflammatories and ice were used to try to stop the pain but that did not help. My brother in law ,Dr. Tommy John, who is a chiropractor and runs a performance and healing center in San Diego told me that I needed to get the muscles around my elbow stronger. He was right! He told me to make sure my forearms were as strong as I could get them.  He gave me a few exercises to do.

1.Forearm Curls- I would use a weight that I could get 50 reps  for 1 set and would do 3 total sets with each arm. For me that was about 20-30 lbs. If using a weight is painful then do the curls with no weight. Make sure you are getting full extension and curl with each rep.

2.Wrist Curls- This movement is the opposite of the Forearm Curl. Turn your hand so the top side is facing you. Continue doing the same sets and reps as you did with the Forearm Curl. You might need to you use a lighter weight for this exercise. I did.

3.Stone Hands-Stand facing a wall and reach out to the wall with you five fingertips touching the wall. Press into the wall and squeeze.

4.Hammer Curls. See video.

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